Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot and Spicy...


I saw this on TV yesterday, and was riveted by the 60+ white woman wearing pearls and a neckline that came up to her ears telling me how “hot and spicy” this scent is.

And yes, she did mean it that way.

Standing next to her was an equally mummified, also white lady nodding vigorously, which further eroded the product’s credibility.

And so, I looked it up.

Made by some con artist named Marilyn Miglin, this is one of those perfumes that claims to bring out your natural pheromones.

I suspect that the general public learning a little bit about pheromones has done more harm than good in this world — people now seem to think that they will be able to sniff out their soul mate, and that for $500, their pheromones will be…what?

More alluring when Johnny Depp walks by?

Make you smell more like yourself? Isn’t the whole point of pheromones that they are how you smell? And isn’t the whole point of perfume to make you smell other than how you already smell?

What am I missing?

And also, why the hell are there incense sticks?

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