Monday, May 17, 2010

New Addition...

You all gasped!

I just know it. I'm kinda shocked too.

About two weeks ago, right before mothers day I decided it was time for a new addition to the family.... After much begging from my husband we made it happen!

We got a baby.

* collective gasps and screams of horror abound*

OH LORDY!..... just hold your breath for a second while I explain.

SO ever since Hubs & I met he has been wild about his need for the hunting season. Seriously peeps, anything he can kill, he will!

That sounds bad... but with the exception of yours truly (and all of man kind) , He is just a little too trigger happy.

Ducks, Pheasants, Elk, Deer... any cute animal that you wanna take home!!

So last year when the hubs and I were making this whole eight year relationship thing....official. He let me know that a child was in the future. A child of the black, furry, shedding all over sort.

Yes peeps, I'm talking about a lab.

I wanted to punch him in the throat for the mere thought of a shedding puppy running around my brand new gorgeous house. WTH!!

You see... He went about this ALLLLL wrong. It's about how you present something.

He caught onto that pretty quick and cleaned the house (at least some parts of it), rubbed my feet, told me how gorgeous I am *gag* and promised how he would take care of the new dog all alone and make sure to keep him out of my hair...

And I was sold..... all about presentation people.

So I decided for the day before mothers day I would surprise him.

Bought a few "puppy training for dummies" & "all about labs" books...
Put them in a little black bag outside the door....

And when I heard the hubs trying to open the super locked door
I let the dog run to meet him.

Meet Duke....

Don't stone me!

I am all about making the hubs happy and every once in a while I don't even have MY needs involved! <--- CRAZY TALK

In the end, I regret it. He is an evil little devil dog who haunts my very existence and torments my beloved little yorkie, Louie.

But hopefully he will grow up,
The world will continue spinning,

The damned devil dog will learn to stop crying at night, pissing on EVERYTHING, and leave my Louie the HELL alone!

And we will all continue to be.....

One little happy family.. ;)

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