Saturday, June 5, 2010

A bit funky...


I'm currently finding myself in a bit of a funk.

It may be due to the past 5 days of rent week (oh I hate having to deal with peoples eviction excuses) and the 5 more we have to look forward to. It may be due to the inevitable letdown after a long weekend. It may be due to The Hubster being out fishing ALL the time. It may also be due to the new hair cut and my love HATE relationship with said cut. And it may be due to some hormonal chaos on the horizon, thanks to the upcoming mother nature present.

Whatever the case may be, I have been as funky as the last episode of Glee and not wanting to write. Whatsoever.

I prefer to share funny, happy, fluffy things, so blogging "I pretty much hate everyone and everything and I want to go hide under the covers with Season 1 of The Office, the entire Taco Bell menu, and a pint of Ben & Jerrys Chunky Monkey ice cream" doesn't really sound appealing.

Alas, it's all I've got right now. I'm not very good at owning the funks. I'm always pushing myself to snap out of it, "faking it until I make it" (which totally works, thank mom!), and pretending like everything is always one hundred percent of the time SO! DAMN! FABULOUS!

And when that inevitably fails, I beat myself up for not being perfect and end up sinking down even further.

So, this time, I'm just going to own it a little bit. It's okay to be a little funky once in awhile. Mr. deMik will eventually come home from fishing, I can wash my hair and try again on the cut relationship, my period will eventually come and take away the backup of estrogen strangling me (or, rather, making me want to strangle others) and the sun will always come out again.

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  1. No being in a funk, of coarse if you are you can always call me. I get in funks constantly but never beat myself up for being grumpy, it's just who I am.