Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am one that throws around the L-word quite easily.
I feel like my heart is bursting full of the stuff, and I have quite the reserve to share and give.

I am a lucky, lucky girl because I have one huge source of the love stuff. This lady-

My MOM! :)

I've always had my mother with me through thick and thin and she has never let me forget how much I am loved. I can not honestly remember a time in my life when I felt completely unloved and unlovable, and the thought of someone else feeling that way absolutely devastates me. Because of that, I am always quick to share the love-what does it hurt, after all?

Sure, you may be rebuffed, you may not receive the same sentiment in return, but you could make the difference in someone's life.

I firmly believe the reason I am so able to love others (including myself) freely is because I know my heart is so safe in the hands of this one.

Her love for me knows no bounds, and I am consistently amazed of the depths of her heart, towards not only me, but everyone she encounters others in this life. She has taught me how to truly love completely.

And while there had always been certainly lots of mommy hugs, the most touching ways in which she shows me that I'm loved are the silly ones. She reads my blog all the time and gives me constructive criticism on all my pieces (usually along the lines of "I agree, and you are so right, sweetie!" What can I say? She's smart, too.)

She gives me words of encouragement every morning on my way to work. She never calls me a crazy biotch, even when I am TOTALLY acting like a crazy biotch. In fact, she is even more loving when I'm cranky, if you can believe that.

Most importantly, I believe she has raised me to show others what love truly is. I think that if I can teach my furture children the same way that they will be able to learn how they should love and respect others in their lives, and even better, how they should expect to be treated.

I feel so blessed to have always had such a good example of this growing up from my mother, and accordingly, I have now as an adult been able to make amazing friendships that I never thought I would have and I also scored a pretty amazing husband out of the deal.

Wow, this love thing. Who knew how sweet it could be.

What is your love? What are you lovin' on right now, and who is loving you?


  1. Shellaine BiersdorfJune 22, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    I am definitely full of love when it comes to you and my family. LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. I love you! You always make my day! Thanks for helping me put things back into perspective. You are such a gifted writer, I feel blessed to be your Mommy.