Monday, June 21, 2010

Your period? There's an app for that!

Since we are on the subject of "natures gift"! :)

You can do a lot on your phone: read the news, manage your money, shop, make music – these days, apps seem to be breeding like rabbits. But if you don’t want to breed like one, then there’s an app for you, too.

It’s called…iPeriod. And I'm not iKidding.


Made by Winkpass, iPeriod allows you to map your menstrual cycle. Once you’ve entered data for two periods, the app will predict your next twelve cycles and keep track of changes including weight, mood, and even body temperature.

Set it to pregnancy mode and find out when to preheat your oven in order to bake a bun; conversely, make it remind you to take your birth control pill.

Worth $2.99? Maybe not, but somehow, creating a graph out of mood swings makes them seem so much more rational.

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