Friday, April 16, 2010


Dear Puppy Louie,
I love you madly but the constant need to be right in the middle of EVERYTHING I do is getting to be a little much. I mean I know my lap is a comfortable spot for such a little dog but while I am painting, with black paint, it makes my life just a tiny bit easier to not have to scrub it out of your hair while also trying to get it out of mine...

P.S - If you do decide you must get covered in solid black paint sit in my lap whilst (<- it is a word, google it!) I'm painting, do not whine at me when you are confined to the shower with me so I can cut out dual bathtimes! :)

Dear World,Watch out! I'm getting me a voodoo doll...If you feel a prick.... wuzzzznnn't me.

Dear Hubs,
Thank you for always doing everything in your power to make me happy. I know that you caved a lot when you "allowed" me to get Louie the teacup yorkie. However, no matter how much I love you I can not see a giant, hyper, drooling dog running around my gorgeous house. So let's go ahead and lower those expectations... THANKS! :)

Hubs, I would also like to introduce you to my dear friends dirty dishes.... also to the dishwasher. They would love to redezous sometime... they don't even need quarters!

Dear Fat,
You have over stayed your vist, it's time for you to pack up and move on. Thanks, now put down the cake!!

Dear Cleaning Fairy,
You've once again skipped my house, this is 3 weeks in a row and I'm fed up!
Please put me back on your rotation.

Dear Boobs,
You can go to hell. That's all I'm saying....
You know what you did.

On the same note..... PS Boobs- I want to be able to wear a boob sticker like pinks... wth?! Only one lil' tiny heart? It stayed there? Lucky dog. I'd need a 4 pack of industrial stickers...

Dear Google,
This is for you.
I heart me some google search!

PS World-
Did you feel that burning in your eyeball?
Wuzzznn't me....
Totally not me.....

Dear Blog Readers,
I love you. I hope this post inspires you to write you on notes to dear....

If you know me. Then you'll know that laughter runs through my veins. It courses through my body and runs wild when it' s released from the depths of my soul.

I love to laugh.

There is nothing so wonderful as sharing laughter with someone. Laughter that has you doubled over holding your stomach and tearing up your eyes.

Nothing so wonderful.

Watching someone laugh is a chance to peek into the deep recesses of who they are.
Laughing with someone like that : is a gift.

A smile that bursts.

I love that.

I hope that today your smile bursts.

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