Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marriage: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.. especially if you recorded him snoring.

Michael and I have always struggled somewhat <--- lie. A lot with our relationship.

Two fools.

Two fools who were scarred terribly by childhood circumstances and family issues that created the two adults we are today. <--- another lie There were no "issues" that made us fools... we just pretty much are that way

Adults that have butted heads for going on 8 years.

Butted heads not only with each other but with our own selves.

I'm testament that you get tired of doing that ... at some point.

And you give it up .

You surrender.

This year has been the happiest year of my life with Michael thus far.

I know.

That's a hard statement to throw out there huh?

But I'm all about honesty.

Relationships freaking suck sometimes.

There are days I want to "cut him." Go gangstah on his ass and smile as I see him suffer. Now THAT'S love in it's purest form huh? I imagine putting a horsehead on his pillow... and smile because it just freaking makes me FEEL better after he has made some stupid ass move.

But then those days often twiddle out pretty quickly and we move onward without looking back. No grudges these days?.. WTF? Where have all the grudges gone?

Nothing seems to last these days like it used to. I'm able to release the inner thoughts of murder , fairly easy.

Does this come with time?

Does it come with maturity? <--- who are YOU calling mature??

Does that simply come on the side of just plain loving them and their many faults? <-----perhaps

The one person who will go to the ends of the Earth for m.e.. for my happiness.. for my family.


What more could I ask for people?

What more?

* the trash emptied before it becomes a garbage waterfall

* whiskers wiped out of the sink before they LAND ON MY MAKEUP BRUSHES

* laundry noticed and done ...THAT MOUNTAIN? Isn't Mt. etna. It's our clothes, you butt.

* cook a dinner once in a freakin blue moon - it's not that hard.

* pick up the damn dogshit before it molds over

What list? Where? I don't know what you're speaking of?

So it's official. I have surrendered. I just gave in and my life is happier for it. Our relationship is happier. MT. Etna is still MT. Etna .. the dogshit moldy, my blush brush hairy , the garbage a natural waterfall and dinner- all on me.

But in the end... I'm ok with that.

I'm happy.

I would not dare to wish to change even the slightest about the hubs.. without first understanding how it might change the rest of him...

And I don't want him to change a hair on that cute slightly balding head

BESIDES, when the big picture is rocking my world why would I make a huge fuss over a few spolts?!

Oh. Yea. Spolts is now a word. Literally, as in now now.

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  1. Wow! More tears, you are really growing up. Noone is perfect but loving each other through the tough stuff is the trick.

    I love you both dearly.