Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pucker Up!


This is the mother of all kisser stories so you'd all better pucker up.

Cameron Webb was what I thought to be the proverbial class merry-go-round in 7th grade. All the girls I knew took a turn on him at some point. Dont' be durty fools. It was innocent. :) I was not spared that ride and in fact jumped on that horse as soon as it was finally my turn.

But this story is NOT about Webb....

We could all tell that I was not quite up to Mr. Websters level and after a month (<- that's a pretty long time in the 7th grade) of "going out" without actually going anywhere & not a single kiss to account for, he moved on.... Suprisingly enough this was not a heartbreak, we all knew it was coming and I had my eyes on someone else......


"Will you go out with me." Sean Rogers would ask in a folded heart shaped note scrawled in a smudged and lightly penciled handwriting. He always used mechanical pencils. He was rich, I think. I had chewed number 2 pencil nubs in my bedazzled trapper keeper. I wanted him for his mechancal pencils, truth be told. I think he liked my trapper keeper.

His modus operanda. While you were starry eyed and dazed from his note asking for your hand, he would go in for the kill! Slyly slide you some hubba bubba bubblegum in your favorite flavor as you passed in the hall. He was a sugah daddy long before the term sugah daddy was coined.

Sean SugahDaddy.


At least I was.....

A pack of Strawberry- Watermelon Hubba Bubba and I was Sean SugahDaddy's ho of the week.

Sean SugahDaddy was quiet and shy. He hadn't quite developed into all of his personality yet, or maybe it was just the fact that I was a 7th grade girl. He was a nice, funny kid. Cute too. But at this time, I was lucky enough to be laden with rows upon rows of metal braces.

Hazard screamed young Kasey.


Double issues for me.

1. I had never kissed a boy.

2. That was some dangerous Orthodontic Territory right thur.

On top of the whole protruding choppers bit. I knew I would have to kiss him. There was no point to "go-ing" with someone and accepting Watermelon Hubba Bubba & heart shaped love notes if you weren't goinna give up a kiss.

I was worried I'd have to give my gum back.

I was so nervous I had never kissed anything but inanimate objects. I even kissed my mirror in preperation for the kiss o ' doom.

But how do you prepare for a full set of incoming Braces?

No mirror can help you there people.

Not even Magic Mirror on the Wall.

So I decided to be thorough and I researched. I asked others who had simliar situations. They weren't givin it up. Something bout pretending that it didnt' happen. So researching didnt' work for me. Today I bet I could find instructions on google..

Instead I went to Plan B . I went right to the source. I simply just asked him.

* not the best idea in hind sight*

How does one kiss you with my ridiculously dangerous set of choppers Sean SugahDaddy? Is there a method that you've found most reliable? I'm standing by taking notes. Perhaps you can draw me a diagram?

He assured me in one of 45 conversations on the phone that we had daily that it was not an issue.

Cocky bastard.

So we planned " it."

We got into the way back seat of my mothers mini van that Friday night.

* rebels

Stayed back in the car when mom went into the store... Leaving us all alone...

* rebels again

He shuffled close to me on that gray bench seat in the back of the incredible mini van that would host Operation First Kiss.

A typical mom van that looked like nothing from the outside but that is where IT would happen.

One second at a time I took those deep breathes towards the impending metal bracked tooth kiss doom. I was sweatin bullets.

*1st breath,

2nd breath,

3rd breath*

... *4th breath *

Sean didn't even look nervous...He was all about Operation First Kiss.

We finally kissed after much stalling. It was gross. I had to dive in under those teeth and braces. I almost lost a lip.


I still remember following the kiss, a completly awkward moment in which he quickly dove into a bag of video games commenting on the "lameness" of them... which was supposed to impress me with his amazing knowledge of video games....

Totally special first kiss.

I got lots of heart shaped notes, which I still keep to this day, and deemed Whitney Houstons " I will always love you." Our song.


* saweeeeet!*

sigh We broke up a few weeks later.

Actually my mom broke up with him,

Pretending she was me...

Through email......

I found out the next day about her choice.....

Mom always knows best! :)

He was a total butt to me from 7th grade forward though. Maybe I just thought that because I was pining for him a little still. Parading those replacement girles (braces-less) all about in front of me!!

Years later, I found a friendship with him again....
Sean SugaH Daddy.

Was he all you imagined him to be? ;)

What was your first Kiss like?
Was it as special as mine?

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