Saturday, April 17, 2010

That's a DEALBREAKER ladies!!

Today I'm taking the time out to really say "thank you" to my incredibly incredible husband.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for making me smile.
Thank you for being my rock.
And thank you for being a hottie! :)
oh yea that is ALL mine!!!

For all your single gals out there in date land....
First let me reiterate that I enjoyed me some dating time! I remember the playa playa mentality and I loved being courted and free dinners! :)

Now, however, is the time to share your "dealbreakers"!
Tell me what you consider a deal breaker....
Or maybe a time that you encountered a BIG one!

While you are all thinking of yours, I decided to share a few of my personal "Top 10"
Please to enjoy....


1. If on a first date, any date, at any time in your relationship the dude gets up and Karaoke's The Rainbow Connection. That there.. is A DEALBREAKER.

2. If your dude wears any type of platforms. DealBreaker. No questions asked. Even my man Will Ferrell couldn't pull it off & we all know how I love me some Ferrell!

3. If Mr. Man's jeans are skinnier than mine. DealBreaker. I like my beef husky .

4. If your date picks you up on his Segway and offers you the handle bars. Yah. Dealbreaker kids. Dealbreaker.

5. If your man owns a mesh shirt. I, much like you single girls, still enjoy a nice set of pecs.... I mean who doesn't? But mesh?.... Dealbreaker. In the bag.

6. If your man is stealing moments with your eyeliner. I'm all for a little male primping but that's going over....Yah. Done Deal. DealBreaker.

7. If your man keeps a special facebook list of highschool chics he stalks. Um. Yah. This one may be a little serial killery but for the sake of time... We'll chalk that one up to a DealBreaker.

8. If you dude invites you to his debut as the Dance Revolution Master at Dave and Busters and has special Dance Revolution Shoes. Now let me say, I'm all about some dance dance but terms like master and special shoes.... Run. That's a freaking deal breaker right there.

9. Your new love interest has a collection of Precious Moments figurines displayed about his bachelor pad. Let me save you some time right now. Deal Breaker.

10. Last. Your dude wears a fanny pack.
That does NOT count as a man purse / satchel. You can still be tough and carry your stuff like hunky hunkster.....
but you MAY NOT .. you MAY NOT .. wear a fanny pack.
Deal. Ba. reaker.

What are your dealbreakers?

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